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A Final Payment Reminder Letter is a short, clear demand to repay an outstanding debt from a client or customer after previously issuing reminder letters.

A Final Payment Reminder Letter states the debt that is owed, why it is owed, and when the debt must be paid, and is often the final reminder to a client or customer before legal action is taken if the debt is not paid by a particular date.

A Final Payment Reminder Letter is sent after issuing previous reminders, normally the First Payment Reminder Letter and Second Payment Reminder Letter, to ensure that there is an adequate record of a business’s credit control process. This minimises the cost and time involved in maintaining cash flow.

  • Amount of the debt;
  • Original due date of the debt;
  • References to previous demands for payment;
  • Late payment fee that includes all applicable interest;
  • New due date of the debt;
  • Payment method of the debt; and
  • Further action if the debt is not paid.

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