Overview of a Second Payment Reminder Letter

What is a Second Payment Reminder Letter?

A Second Payment Reminder Letter is a follow-up reminder to repay an outstanding debt from a client or customer after issuing an initial reminder letter.

A Second Payment Reminder Letter serves as a follow up reminder after already issuing a First Payment Reminder Letter, and the tone can be more direct than the first. It helps to minimise the amount of valuable time and effort spent chasing late payments, and serves as part of a structured credit control process.

A Second Payment Reminder Letter allows a business to maintain the initial communication in a professional manner and ensure that suitable records are kept should the matter progresses further.

Key points included

  • Amount of the debt;
  • Original due date of the debt;
  • Any applicable interest;
  • Accumulation of daily interest; and
  • Further action if the debt is not paid.

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