Automated workflows for every HR task imaginable

So many HR tasks are manual and repetitive. If there’s one thing we don’t like it’s repetitive tasks or repeating ourselves. Did we say that twice? Free yourselves and spend more time getting to know each other!

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Join HR teams in 20+ countries breezing employees onboard with Zegal

Automate HR task so that your business grows faster

What are the bottlenecks in HR in your organisation? Are you onboarding lots of employees? Do you have a large team with annual reviews to track? Whatever stage your business is at, Zegal comes preloaded with 100’s of HR workflows and a unique Document Builder so you can build, e-Sign, track and store HR documents securely, in just minutes.
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No more emails, and no more delays to signing.

Explore approvals and signing workflows

Implement org-wide approval processes

Approvals are so important but slow down HR processes every day. Emails get lost in inboxes and signing is delayed. Zegal lets you determine an approval process for each HR workflow with instant notifications so that documents don’t end up in the waiting room.
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Protect your employees’ sensitive personal information

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Let your brand and culture shine (even in contracts)

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Learn Zegal in minutes

We designed Zegal to be used by non-lawyers. So when we say you’ll learn it fast, we really mean it. If you can use Spotify you can use Zegal! You may not have quite as much fun using Zegal, but you’ll never have to hit ‘save as’ again, or worry about contracts again, or errors, or typos, or email, or wondering if your new tech hire has signed.
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Store sensitive files in your team cloud drive

Employee data is confidential personal data. You know this of course. Zegal automatically sends all your employee files straight to your specified secure team drive in either Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive so that they are only visible to and accessible by the right people.
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Other things you can do with Zegal

Speed up your contract processes
When you want to quickly send out a contract you’ve agreed in the past (without any of the negotiation), this feature auto-creates a brand new contract with a new contract date. You can make any changes you need, like salary or contact details and send for e-signing.

Get insights from digital contracts
Contracts you build in Zegal are much more intelligent than the ones you signed in Word. That means you can do all sorts of clever things with them. Zegal’s Document dashboard tells you when all your important contracts are up for expiry or renewal.

Add your orgs existing HR templates

Common questions

How do we use Zegal in our startup?

How much does contract management software cost?
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Can we store sensitive data on our team drives?
Yes! Zegal connects directly to Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. This means that all your confidential employee files are automatically stored in your cloud team drives as usual.

Why does Zegal make HR tasks easier?
Our HR workflows are designed to get contracts, policies and change notifications approved and signed very quickly, using the correct template, with no errors. The platform brings together all the people who need to be involved in getting the contract signed into one workspace.

How does Zegal ensure that employee personal information is kept secure at all times?
Your documents are protected by SSL encryption, secure server infrastructure and identity verification, and we also sync directly to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive so you can store all your employees’ sensitive data on your team drives as you do now,

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