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Join HR teams in 20+ countries who are managing employee admin with Zegal

Intuitive and Easy

From typos and errors to checking for signatures and updates, Zegal is designed to smartly adapt to your needs. The intuitive app can easily be used by non-lawyers. So when we say you’ll be up and running in no time, we really mean it.

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Efficient and Fast

No more delays, endless follow-ups and time consuming tracking. 

With Zegal, you can find the perfect template, collaborate on drafts and get simple and quick approvals with prompt in app followups. With 100’s of preloaded HR workflows and a unique Document Builder, you can build, e-Sign, track and store HR documents securely, in just minutes.

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Templates for Every Situation

Full access to the library of HR & Employment documents means you always have access to the tools you need.

Go Digital and Scale

Integrate tools and automate your HR processes.

Streamline workflows with notifications and automatic step progression. Involved parties get invited directly to collaborate and attach relevant files, for a complete and smooth 360 digital experience.

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Built For Privacy & Legally Compliant

Zegal is built for legal contracts.

Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and security of our client’s data. With Zegal you can rest assured that we work to ensure the highest standard for your data’s privacy.

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All-in-one platform streamlines the process

Build, sign and store and organize HR & Employment documents with ease.


No more pending approvals or manual followups. Get reminders on the Zegal app.

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Go paperless with E-signing. E-signatures with Zegal is easy and convenient.
The brownie point? Less paperwork, means more time for relationship building and growth with reduced costs!

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Custom Branding

Make your contracts your own. Create bespoke contracts that reflect your brand.

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Cloud Storage

Remotely access your data with Zegal. Get secure and confidential storage directly to your personal cloud drive.

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Other things you can do with Zegal

Speed up your contract processes
When you want to quickly send out a contract you’ve agreed in the past (without any of the negotiation), this feature auto-creates a brand new contract with a new contract date. You can make any changes you need, like salary or contact details and send for e-signing.

Get insights from digital contracts
Contracts you build in Zegal are much more intelligent than the ones you signed in Word. That means you can do all sorts of clever things with them. Zegal’s Document dashboard tells you when all your important contracts are up for expiry or renewal.

Add your orgs existing HR templates

Common questions

How do we use Zegal in our startup?

How much does contract management software cost?
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Can we store sensitive data on our team drives?
Yes! Zegal connects directly to Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. This means that all your confidential employee files are automatically stored in your cloud team drives as usual.

Why does Zegal make HR tasks easier?
Our HR workflows are designed to help you create, change and approve contracts and policies promptly and smoothly with no errors. The platform allows everyone to be onboard at the same workspace and work together simultaneously.

How does Zegal ensure that employee personal information is kept secure at all times?
Your documents are protected by SSL encryption, secure server infrastructure and identity verification. We also sync directly to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, so you can store all your sensitive data on your team drives.

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