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A Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace sets out the rules for visiting a website and purchasing goods through an online marketplace.

A Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace is for websites that act as a platform for the online buying and selling of goods from a third-party vendor. It sets out the obligations of the website operator and website users, and, by continuing to use the site, users accept the terms.

Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace also needs to refer to a Website Privacy Policy as the website operator is collecting personal information about users who purchase through the site.

  • Details of the company;
  • Details of the website;
  • Buyer and seller account registration arrangements;
  • Seller eligibility requirements;
  • Security arrangements;
  • Seller listing details;
  • Details of products;
  • Order payment methods and cancellation request procedure;
  • Whether any promotions, contests, vouchers, codes, credits, gift cards, or other privilege programmes will be offered;
  • Details of delivery terms and fees;
  • Returns policy;
  • Refund arrangements;
  • Seller fee arrangements;
  • Whether users are able to post information on the website or upload files to the website; and
  • Date when last updated.

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