What is a Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter?

Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter summarises the detailed terms of a resolution or settlement of a grievance reported by an employee.

Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter documents the key terms in the resolution or settlement, including the management, the complainant, and the respondents.

A Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter is a key component of the Grievance Procedure. It is not legally required but it is good management practice to make it available to the relevant employees.

What are the steps typically found in a grievance procedure?

  1. The first step is a formal, written complaint by an employee.
  2. The employee will most likely be Interviewed and asked for details such as names and dates.
  3. Once officially filed, a formal investigation will begin. 
  4. Once the investigation runs its course, the investigator writes a conclusion.  Note: the conclusion will not always be what the complainant expected. 
  5. A mediator could be called in, especially in cases where unions are involved.
  6. Dealing with the conclusion.  At times there is a formal agreement made during mediation or a formal recommendation by the investigator. This is either accepted by the company and some actions are taken or in certain cases, an employee could lose their job.
  7. If the verdict is not satisfactory,  it can be escalated to a court case.

Key points included

  • Business sector;
  • Value statement;
  • Designated officer for reporting corruption-related issues;
  • Policy signatory;
  • Policy target audience; and
  • Data access and confidentiality obligations.

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