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Board and Directors' Resolutions

Business Setup

Contract Amendments

Debts and Disputes


Employee Incentive Schemes

Employment and Recruitment

Acceptance of Offer
Annual Leave Request Letter
Anti-bullying Policy
Anti-bullying Policy test
Anti-corruption Policy
Australia Employment Contract
Bring Your Own Device Policy(BYOD)
BYOD Policy
Change of Employment Terms Letter
Company Secretary Resignation Letter
Company Secretary’s Letter of Resignation
Complaint Form
Consultancy Agreement
Consulting Contract
Data Protection Policy (for Employees)
Director Resignation Letter
Director’s Appointment Letter
Director’s Service Agreement
Director’s Service Contract
Director’s Letter of Resignation
Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
Employee Bond Agreement
Employee Handbook
Employee Privacy Notice
Employment Agreement
Employment Contract
Employment Contract (Full-time)
Employment Contract (Part-time)
Employment Contract (Senior Executive)
Equal Opportunities and Anti-harassment Policy
ESOP – Employee Acceptance Letter
FAST Agreement
Flexible Working Policy
Freelance Agreement
Freelance Contract
General Appeals Form
Grievance Appeals Form
Grievance Complaint Form
Grievance Policy and Procedure
Grievance Procedure
Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter
Harassment and Bullying Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Holiday Request Form
Hong Kong Employment Contract
Interview Appointment Letter
Itemised Pay Slip
Job Offer Letter
Letter Offering Internship
Letter to Amend Employment Contract
Letter to an Employee Informing of an Increase in Pay
Maternity Leave Notification
New Zealand Employment Contract
Non-executive Director’s Letter of Appointment
Notice of Termination by Employer
Offer of Employment Letter
Offer of Employment Letter (Binding)
Offer of Employment Letter (Non-binding)
Paternity Leave Notification
Personal Information Collection Statement (Commencement of Employment)
Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)
Personal Information Collection Statement (Upon Offer)
Policy on Use of Copyrighted Material
Promotion Letter
Recommendation Letter
Redundancy Notice
Rejection Letter – Position-Filled
Rejection Letter (Internal Employee)
Resignation Letter
Resignation Letter (2 Weeks’ Notice)
Resignation Letter (4 Weeks’ Notice)
Resignation Letter (Better Opportunity)
Resignation Letter (Shorter Version)
Sick Leave Policy
Singapore Employment Contract
Social Media Policy
Statement of Terms of Employment
Termination Letter (Notice period)
Termination Letter (Payment in lieu)
Termination Letter (Poor performance)
UK Employment Contract

GDPR Compliance

Loans and Leasing


Shareholder Matters

SME Trade

Software and Web Development

Startup and Tech

Trademarks, Patents and IP

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